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Electronic-cash Solutions

3D Secure

The SELECT System® 3D-Secure consists of involving the liability of the issuing bank in the identification of the payment-card holder (cyber buyer) at the merchant’s web site and before completing the purchase transaction, and doing so by relying on a secure method of authentication chosen by the bank (password, date of birth, secret grid, etc.) The 3D Secure solution covers all the components needed for its implementation, for buyers and for issuers alike.

The solution’s various modules, i.e. the Merchant Plug-In (MPI) and the Access Control Server (ACS), together with its Enrolment Server (ES), use two-way secure authentication tunnels. In  that way, they can communicate with the other end of the 3D-Secure chain. Each component, whether MPI or ACS, offers a welcoming configuring environment whilst complying with the PCI-DSS standard, as well as being a complete administrator of all transaction logs.