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Electronic-cash Solutions


This server enables the steering of a vast, varied park of ATM / kiosks, and offers a very wide range of functionalities, including:

  • piloting cash machines / kiosks
  • their configuration
  • configuring the services offered
  • managing cut-offs
  • remote monitoring
  • security functions
  • multi-criteria transaction searches
  • statistics on operations.

The SELECT System® ATM / KIOSK server offers several services, including:

  • withdrawals
  • payment of invoices
  • electronic recharging
  • requesting a balance or a statement
  • ordering cheque books
  • account-to-account transfer
  • changing a PIN code
  • deposits (cash, documents, and cheques) etc.


The cash machine server also includes a remote-monitoring function based on real-time feedback of the state of various components of the ATM / KIOSK: printers (journal, receipts, states, etc.), distribution mechanisms and cassettes, deposit function, encryption module, access, port, etc.


  • On-board applicationsOpen or Close
    In order to better respond to its clients’ needs, S2M has developed a range of applications incorporated into ATM, mini-ATM, and kiosks:

    • e-Voucher / e-Top Up
    • invoice payment
    • DCC (Dynamic Currency Converter)
    • funds transfer
    • e-Ticketing
    • refund payment
    • currency exchange.