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Electronic-cash Solutions


Thanks to its global offer, S2M offers provisions of service that covers all needs in the electronic-cash sector (support, solution, programme, etc.)
That unique positioning, ONE-STOP ELECTRONIC CASH, allows a large variety of products and services to be incorporated into its S2M’s responses to requests from its clients (electronic-cash solutions, chip-card applications, solutions e-commerce, EPT, outsourcing, personnalising means of payment, etc.). Combining a high level of performance with demanding security, S2M’s offer is reliable, flexible, and innovative, being an image of its field of activity and of itsalways meeting our clients’ expectations.

Our solutions are based on our SELECT System software package, which S2M has not stopped  which is continuously refineding and enriching enriched since it was brought to marketby our experts since it was brought to market.

It is a complete native EMV payment system that is made up of independent modules that can be acquired separately, making them easier to integrate and evolve.

select system
SELECT SYSTEM V6 is supported on Oracle Database 11g R2, Oracle Weblogic 12C, Oracle Linux 6.5, Oracle Solaris 11 and with Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, Oracle SuperCluster and Oracle Big Data Appliance.

S2M has thus been able to develop genuine expertise in matters of multichannel electronic-cash strategy (EPT, cash machines, mobile telephones, the internet, etc.) that is boosted by a material offer supplied by carefully-selected partners.