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Electronic-cash Solutions


  • Managing cardholdersOpen or Close

    SELECT System® Cardholder Management is a complete EMV native solution that enables issuers to manage the whole card lifecycle: issuing, authorisations, transactions, compensation, etc.

    Designed to support unlimited number of card types, it is the ideal tool to satisfy current and future needs of issuers. It enables the issuing of branded cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, etc.) as well as private label cards of all types: credit, deferred-debit, immediate-debit, pre-paid, etc.

    The unique hierarchy of SELECT System© Cardholder Management enables authorisation rules and limits to be configured at all levels. Issuers have a radically innovative way of reaching the optimum balance between security and flexibility.

    The solution is multi-currency and offers highly sophisticated usage control based on a decision matrix mainly concentrated on the Merchant category.

    In order to maximise flexibility whilst benefiting from the EMV’s advantages, the cardholder’s database is designed around four entities:

    Customer can have different types of information (demographical, address, correspondances modes, hierarchy level…etc.)
    One client can have several accounts
    A card can be linked to one or more accounts
    Each card can host one to many applications

    SELECT System Cardholder Management incorporates 3-tier architecture, Oracle database, and offers browser-based access.


  • Debit managementOpen or Close
    SELECT System© Debit Management enables institutions to manage debit cards. Those are based on the "Pay Now, Buy Now" concept, which implies that immediate payment takes place at transaction time by accessing and debiting funds.

    The debit-card product minimises risks linked to the use of cheques and cash, and allows cardholders access to their cash anywhere and at any time.

    SELECT System© Debit Management enables financial institutions to manage on-line risks, by defining, monitoring, and updating the cardholder’s usage limits as well as restrictions by period and other various parameters: 

    • type of transaction
    • merchant categories
    • maximum transaction amount
    • maximum transaction amount
    • maximum number of transactions,


  • Credit managementOpen or Close

    SELECT System Credit Management enables institutions to  to manage:

    Accounts and client tables include all the elements needed to enable the institutionsto assess customers (scoring), take decisions, and supervise the lifecycle of credits.

  • Prepaid ManagementOpen or Close

    SELECT System® Pre-Paid Management allows institutions and commercial brands to issue prepaid cards for the benefit of:

    • population with no access to banking services
    • clients who are not eligible for debit or credit cards
    • cardholders, whether  they are customers or not, who wish to control their expenditure and better manage their budgets
    • clients who wish to acquire a specific  service from a commercial brand.


    Pre-paid cards have multiple use cases:

    • salary cards
    • gift cards
    • business cards
    • Youth card
    • …etc

    Pre-paid cards use funds that have been previously cashed inby the issuer body by cheque, cash, or transfer. Those funds decrease in line with transactions carried out by the cardholder using the card: withdrawals from ATMs, purchases through a POS…etc.

    SELECT System© Pre-paid Management offers unrivalled ease in managing pre-paid cards, enabling issuers to:

    • Reload the cards through a range of channels: ATMS, branches, etc.
    • Manage card-related risks
    • Manage commissions
  • Islamic Card ManagementOpen or Close
    The Islamic card is one whose management is based on the principles of Islamic law. SELECT System© relies on the concept of murbaha to manage Islamic cards. This enables:

    • definition, by card type, of an authorisation limit, afixed cost, payable periodically (monthly or quarterly) without no interests
    • reimbursement of purchase transactions in two ways: full payment before the due date, or instalment loans for which the period and the due amount are set when the card contract is signed.

    In accordance with Islamic law, SELECT System© Islamic card module enables restricting certain operations based on the type of transaction, type of business, and even the merchant’s location.

    Such transactions are subject to an authorisation request, and are declined by SELECT System©. Transactions carried out in off-line mode will be routed to special accounts called “Takaaful Account”, which is used for charity purposes

    The main murbaha functionalities in SELECT System© are:

    • transparency in managing charges to be levied (previously defined in the cardholder agreement)
    • control of the card use order to avoid haram transactions
    • setup of  a minimum payment as a percentage of the outstanding balance
    • management of payment periods (grace period)
    • generating fees such as statement fees, late-payment fees, etc.
    • linking card to added value services such as bill payments, etc.
  • Revolving CreditOpen or Close
    SELECT System© Revolving Credit enables financial institutions to open and manage permanent lines of credit in favour of their clients. That reserve of funds can be used in stages as desired by the cardholder, and is accessible at all times. It is reconstituted in line with repayments made.

    The module enables financial institutions to define a wide range of credit products tailored to the target clientele. A line of credit is granted on the basis of eligibility criteria: client segment, repayment ability, guarantees, etc.

    The solution exhaustively covers the whole process of managing a revolving-credit facility. The system provides allthe tools needed for detailed, precise monitoring of credit lines statuses and uses.

  • Consumer creditOpen or Close
    SELECT System© Consumer Credit enables institutions to offer periodic payment of a credit. The client can repay the loan over a specific period (term), with fixed monthly payments.

    Consumer credit offers several advantages, including:

    • Fast approval
    • Funds are made available quickly
    • Increased repayment flexibility
    • Automatic debit option
    • Competitive interest rates
    • Interest rates lower than those applied to cards
    • Better profitability for institutions, and
    • Variable rate loans.
  • Bonus PointOpen or Close
    A loyalty programme is a mechanism that enables card issuersto reward their cardholders with loyalty points based on pre-defined rules.

    Such loyalty points are gathered and accumulatedby cardholders during transactions; and can be reimbursed to the cardholders as reductions, gifts…etc

    The loyalty module allows several programmes to be defined and activated based on various clientele segments. The module manages several operations:

    • Points credited according to predefined rules
    • Points debited when they are converted into gifts
    • Cancellations
    • Adjustments of balance points
    • Transfer of points across accounts, and
    • Card Opposition (blocking).

    The loyalty system generates points balances and provides for printing of balances summaries

    Loyalty management is carried out on a centralised basis. When transactions are processed, the Back Office server calculates the equivalent bonus points in accordance to the pre-defined rules.

  • ScoringOpen or Close
    SELECT System© Scoring enables card-issuing institutionsto better assess the risk of granting a card product. The module offers the option of defining assessment criteria (relating to each card product) and to link them to weights based evaluation system. The aim is to identify and measure risk factors that lead to an application being accepted or declined.

    Clients’ eligibility for a card product is based on their score in relation to the institution’s classification.

    This solution fits in perfectly with other SELECT System© modules. It can particularly be used to assess credit applications 
  • CollectionOpen or Close
    SELECT System©Collection module enables financial institutions to manage collection of unpaid due amounts.

    This module defines an account as being “overdue” based of several criteria:

    • The client’s VIP level
    • The age of the account
    • The total of unpaid amounts
    • The duration of the “overdue” status
    • The account’s current status, and
    • The account’s history over the past 24 months (unpaid terms, late payments, , administrative status changes, etc.)

    The module provide for daily reports to be extracted, including:

    • The performance of collection agents (number of terms  collected, amounts collected, etc.), 
    • And the general collection tasks (arrangements, non-compliance with engagements re-assignment of accounts, etc.)