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Electronic-cash Solutions


  • Merchants ManagementOpen or Close
    The Merchant Management Module is multi-institution and provides for transparent management of different acquisitions activities for respective acquirers.

    The merchant module allows management of:

    • merchants
    • merchants accounts routing rules
    • merchants terminals
    • commissions
    • statements
    • accounting

  • Alerts ManagementOpen or Close
    SELECT System© Alert Management allows monitoring and controlling the statuses of the differents modules efficiently, based on automatic triggering of alerts as per predefined criteria

    SELECT System©Alert Management enables users to set up alerts to controlvarious SELECT System© interfaces (Host, VISA, MasterCard, POSServer, etc.), and to monitor their statuses. As soon as an anomaly is detected, the module generate and sends an alert message to the predefined destination..

    SELECT System©Alert Management also enables alerts to be set up to control:

    • late payments
    • exceeded allowed number of overdue unpaid terms and deadlines
    • exceeded authrorized amount