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Electronic-cash Solutions

Authorisation Server

The Authorisation Server integrated into the SELECT System® Front Office has the following roles:

  • managing and checking authorisation requests received from various point-of-service POS  acceptance channels (merchant, point of sale, e-commerce, agency, distributor, mobile, etc.)
  • if necessary, routing to gateways tasked with communicating with the various administrators of client portfolios (Cardholder, Mobile Client, Banking Client, Microcredit Beneficiary, etc.)
  • authorisation agreement in accordance with the rules configured
  • checking and recording responses to the various authorisation requests.

The SELECT System® Authorisation Server can be configured in the following modes:

  • host, in collaboration with the institution’s IT system
  • delegated authority, if a main authorisation server is unavailable
  • autonomous, based on the institution’s rules of management.

It is coupled:

  • by default: with a Risk-Management Module
  • optionally: with an On-Line Fraud Management Module.
  • Call-center authorisation serverOpen or Close

    SELECT System® Call-Center Authorisation Server managers all voice authorisation requests (MOTO: Mail Order, Telephone Order) as well as declarations of lost or stolen cards.
    Call-center staff use dedicated profiles that enable them to:

    • respond to authorisation requests
    • modify authorisations
    • cancel authorisations
    • enter reports on lost or stolen cards, with the optional facility to send those reports on-line to the payment systems (national and international)
    • maintain follow up files on lost or stolen cards.

    SELECT System® Call-Center Authorisation Server covers CVV2 and CVC2.