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Electronic-cash Solutions


In the face of rising bank-card fraud, issuers are forced to put in place new solutions to authenticate cardholders.

Those new solutions must meet the following criteria:

  • easy to use and not cumbersome for cardholders
  • able to withstand difficulties linked to the network, autonomy, and technology
  • able to be incorporated into players’ existing structures (issuers, buyers, merchants, electronic-cash centres, etc.) at reduced cost
  • adaptable to the issuer’s image and in compliance with the issuer’s graphics charter.

Thanks to its expertise and to its partnership with VASCO, the world leader in strong-authentication solutions, S2M offers its clients a full range of software and hardware solutions. That offer enables them to authenticate their cardholders as well as to secure their transaction flow.

It combines physical equipment (tokens) and a central solution. For each cardholder, the this latter will produce a unique code (OTP) for each transaction. That code is verified at the issuer’s electronic-cash server. In that way, the issuer can authenticate the cardholder and grant or withhold authorisation for the transaction.

Various configurations are possible, including:

  • integration with S2M’s SELECT System® solution for implementation that is easy, quick, and low-cost
  • integrating the solution into a client application
  • setting up a pooled authentication server (private applications, transactions)
  • supplying a hosted strong-authentication service.