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Electronic-cash Solutions


The SELECT System® EPT server enables the secure processing of EPT transactions. The solution is designed to optimise operating and communication costs.

The SELECT System® EPT server is multi-protocol: CB2A, ISO 8583, SPDH, etc. It carries out all the functions needed for efficient steering of an EPT park:

  • authorisation
  • remote collection of transactions
  • downloading opposition lists
  • remote configuring of the EPT

It is aimed at purchasers, and offers a vast range of functionalities, including:

  • managing the terminal park
  • stock management
  • tools allowing for rental or sale to merchants
  • maintenance monitoring
  • monitoring,
  • on-board applicationsOpen or Close
    A wide variety of applications incorporated into EPTs has been developed. By way of example:

    • card payment
    • e-Voucher / e-Top Up
    • invoice payment
    • DCC (Dynamic Currency Converter)
    • Loyalty
    • funds transfer
    • e-Ticketing
    • refund payment
    • currency exchange, etc.

    Each Terminal Application combines a number of services and implements a suite of technologies, such as:

    • Contactless Payment
    • Biometrics, and
    • NFC