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About thirty years’ experience in the field of electronic cash at international level, together with a continuous technological watch, have enabled our consultants to capitalise on know-how that is unique.

We place that expertise at your service to help you:

Succeed with strategic choices in the field of electronic cash:

  • blueprint
  • strategy for putting electronic-cash products in place
  • redesigning the electronic-cash system

Contribute to the development of the electronic-cash function and optimise its functioning:

  • organisational audit
  • technical audit
  • organisational consultancy (structure, operational procedures, etc.)
  • functional consultancy
  • functional and technical architecture

Manage projects for implementing electronic-cash solutions:

  • drawing up lists of specifications
  • quality-assurance plan
  • plan to support organisational and technical migrations

That service can be offered to you on a management basis to assist you for the whole duration of your electronic-cash projects.