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Since 1983, S2M experts have been recognised for their skills and for their respect for the values that forge our reputation: constantly listening to our clients, our collaborators’ professionalism, and continuous investment in research and development relating to electronic cash.
All year round, our experts offer our clients electronic-cash training that is tailored to all levels. Several packages are possible based on the needs and availability of participants (face-to-face / e-learning, inter-company courses, etc.)

 A tailored educational approach
All our training is based on educational progression that favours the acquisition of tools and methods that are directly applicable to the daily use of the SELECT System®.
Our expert trainers give vital importance to exchanges of experience, practical work, simulation, and case studies. That enables total mastery of the SELECT System®’s functionalities and achievement of the desired level. In addition, during inter-company courses, one-off meetings with professionals help to foster exchanges of practices and comparisons of experience.

 A scalable training offer
We wish to bring constant innovation to our training topics to respond to changes in our clients’ sets of problems.
To that end, our training is reviewed each year on the basis of needs identified and by taking account of observations made in the course of participant evaluations.

 Rich documentation
In order to foster the transfer of their own knowledge and know-how, our trainers design their own course supports, exercises, and case studies.
Each participant receives copies of the documents presented and used during the training course.

 A tailor-made training offer
We also carry out tailor-made training and training for specific modules. Those types of training offer a response to a specific request for a group, and they are the subject of tailor-made educational construction, being adapted to our clients’ needs as well as to their constraints of cost, dates, and duration.