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Electronic-cash outsourcing


We undertake to successfully deal with the challenge of outsourcing, and we make available to our clients all the human and technical means that enable those clients to assess the outsourced platform.

S2M’s outsourcing offer rests on four strategic pillars:

  • Security: we design and implement a physical and logical security policy that enables confidentiality and integrity in respect of data that are hosted and / or handled. Our teams keep a continuous watch on transaction flows to detect possible fraud
  • High level of availability: we host solutions whilst complying with the requisite redundancy level (server redundancy by site, main site, and back-up site, etc.) S2M undertakes to make the platform available on a 24 / 7 basis
  • Quality of service: we systematically activate a quality-assurance plan to support the various provisions of service (support, profession back office, technical operation, etc.)
  • Tailored invoicing: we adapt our mode of invoicing to be in line with added-value units of work chosen by our client (number of institutions, cards, cash machines, EPTs, mobile telephones, etc.)