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  • Mobile PaymentOpen or Close

    S2M 's mobile solution is based on three main components: 


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  • Evoucher / e-Top-UpOpen or Close

    SELECT System© e-Voucher / e-Top Up can be used as an economic, efficient alternative to the scratch card to prepay for a range of services: mobile telephony, internet access … etc.

    The principle of the solution consists of using POS terminal in approved points of sale for on-demand generation of a reload or access voucher.

    For telecoms operators, this module is proposed in two forms:

     e-Voucher: the customer GSM number and PIN code are indicated on the voucher produced by the POS terminal
     E-Top Up: the client receives the PIN reload code by SMS message from the telecom operator after authorization is granted, generating an authorisation notice which is printed by the POS terminal and that is valued as a receipt.

  • Multi-channel and multi-operator bill payment Open or Close

    SELECT System© Multichannel and Multi-operator Bill Payment enables telecom operators and banking institutions to offer cardholders the option to pay a range of bills (water, electricity, telephone, etc.) through several acceptance channels (ATM, POS, …etc.)

    This solution is made up of the following components:

     Bill Payment Server: 
    This is the central component of the bill payment platform. It offers a range of functionalities, including bill payment management, biller interface, routing and switching of payments authorizations…etc. etc.

     ISO 8583 channel controller: 
    Manages the relationship with the bank switch and authorises transactions on the acceptance channel.

     SMS channel controller:
    This is an interface that coordinates the connectivity and exchanges with mobile telephones, formats outgoing messages, and analyses incoming messages. It also manages the parameters of the SMS-based bill payment services

     Internet-channel controller: 
    This is a web-based interface that manages internet-based bill payment (subscriptions, activation, limitations, etc.) This interface also ensures overall security for the web site.

     Voice-channel controller:
    This interface manages of the relationship with the voice server as well as the parameters of the bill payment service.

  • Bonus Point / Loyalty Open or Close

    A loyalty programme is a mechanism that enables card issuers to reward their cardholders with loyalty points based on pre-defined rules.

    Such loyalty points are gathered and accumulatedby cardholders during transactions; and can be reimbursed to the cardholders as reductions, gifts…etc

    The loyalty module allows several programmes to be defined and activated based on various clientele segments. The module manages several operations:

     Points credited according to predefined rules
    Points debited when they are converted into gifts
     Adjustments of balance points
     Transfer of points across accounts, and
      Card Opposition (blocking).

    The loyalty system generates points balances and provides for printing of balances summaries

    Loyalty management is carried out on a centralised basis. When transactions are processed, the Back Office server calculates the equivalent bonus points in accordance to the pre-defined rules.

  • Business Intelligence Open or Close

    SelectSystem® Business Intelligence covers the whole range of technologies that enable decisions to be made at the end of the chain. To help with choices, the decider needs information that is synoptic as well as relevant, enabling her / him to gauge her / his activity with the help of key indicators.

    SelectSystem® Business Intelligence (BI) enables the implementation of a set of indicators that have important significance in steering electronic-cash activity.

    Those indicators will make up the dashboards that enable:
    • a multi-criteria statistical analysis of all electronic-cash activities
    • a study of the profitability of the institution’s electronic-cash products
    • better understanding of clients’ behaviour with respect to electronic-cash products.

    For example, by relying on data extracted from production, SelectSystem® BI offers deciders the means to carryout dynamic analysis of various electronic-cash activities (acquisition, issuing, authorisations, international systems, etc.) based on a variety of dimensions or strands (time, card type, trader category, etc.) The aim is to carry out a relevant analysis of performance, profitability, and evolution by activity segment.

  • Multichannel Money TransferOpen or Close

    SELECT System© Money Transfer is a complete money-transfer solution made up of four components:

     MT Base: a multinetwork, multiservice, multichannel, and muiticurrency component with customizable rules that set available services at the base.  MT Base covers industry standards and functions in synchronous and asynchronous modes. It has a dispatch interface that manages connectivities with clients issuing simultaneous transactions (salary payments, insurance refunds, etc.)
     MT Services: provides conectivities with payment schemes VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, etc., and new distribution channels: ATM, POS, Internet … etc.

     MT Calculator:  determines the best distribution channel in line with the specified rules, such as the availability of the distribution channel at the destination point, the best price, the best commission, etc.

     MT Anti-Money Laundering: executes  anti money-laundering controls in two  modes:
    authorisation (on-line) mode, which flags up suspicious transfers at the time of the authorization processing
    end-of-day (off-line) mode, which flags up suspicious and fraudulent transactions at the end of day batch processing.

    This module also provides for generation of statistics and dashboards related to the transfer activities.

    SELECT System© enables  setting up alerts to control  fraud cases  for issuers and acquirers, with the possibilitgy to customize the message to be sent in case an alert is triggered.