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Financial institutions

  • Issuing and managing various types of cards Open or Close
    SELECT System® allows various types of cards to be issued, acquired, and managed, i.e.:
    • debit cards
    • credit cards
    • revolving card
    • pre-paid card
    • Islamic card
    For further details, please click on this link.
  • Multichannel acquisition (cash machine, EPT, voice, etc.) Open or Close
    The SELECT System® switch covers several drivers to enable financial institutions to offer various payment channels to its clients. Those channels are:
    • cash-machine / kiosk server
    • EPT (Electronic Payment Terminal) server
    • mobile server
    • e-commerce server
    • call-centre authorisation server

    For further details, please click on this link.
  • Multichannel invoice payment Open or Close
    SELECT System Multichannel and Multi-operator Invoice Payment is a solution that enables telecoms operators and banking institutions to offer card holders the facility to pay a range several types of invoices (water, electricity, telephone, etc.) through several acceptance channels (cash machines, EPTs, etc.)

    The solution is made up of the following modules:

    invoice-payment server:
    The central point of the invoice-payment platform. It offers a range of functionalities, including: managing invoice-payment transactions, managing the invoice interface, routeing and switching payment authorisations, etc. On-line interface with the operator

    ISO 8583 channel controller:
    To manage the relationship with the bank switch and authorise transactions in the acceptance channel

    SMS channel controller:
    Manages the relationship with mobile telephones, formats outgoing messages, and analyses incoming messages. She / he manages the parameters of the SMS-based invoice-payment service

    internet-channel controller:
    A web-based user interface that manages internet-based invoice-payment parameters (subscriptions, activation, limitations, etc.) The interface also ensures overall security for the web site

    voice-channel controller:
    Enables management of the relationship with the voice server as well as the parameters of the invoice-payment service.

  • Mobile Payment Open or Close

    S2M 's mobile solution is based on three main components: 

    For more information.

  • E-commerce Open or Close

    The SELECT System® e-Commerce server enables management of the various authorisation requests made by Merchant Kits. It is made up of two main modules:

    • Internet Secure Access (ISA Module): a module that enables the validity of Merchant Kit certificates to be identified and verified
    • Internet Request Manager (ISR Module): an interface that allows enables authorisation requests to be checked for syntax, semantics, and validity
  • Multichannel funds TransferOpen or Close

    SELECT System© Money Transfer is a complete money-transfer solution made up of four components:

     MT Base: a multinetwork, multiservice, multichannel, and muiticurrency component with customizable rules that set available services at the base.  MT Base covers industry standards and functions in synchronous and asynchronous modes. It has a dispatch interface that manages connectivities with clients issuing simultaneous transactions (salary payments, insurance refunds, etc.)
     MT Services: provides conectivities with payment schemes VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, etc., and new distribution channels: ATM, POS, Internet … etc.

     MT Calculator:  determines the best distribution channel in line with the specified rules, such as the availability of the distribution channel at the destination point, the best price, the best commission, etc.

     MT Anti-Money Laundering: executes  anti money-laundering controls in two  modes:

           authorisation (on-line) mode, which flags up suspicious transfers at the time of the authorization processing

           end-of-day (off-line) mode, which flags up suspicious and fraudulent transactions at the end of day batch processing.

    This module also provides for generation of statistics and dashboards related to the transfer activities.

    SELECT System© enables  setting up alerts to control  fraud cases  for issuers and acquirers, with the possibilitgy to customize the message to be sent in case an alert is triggered.