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About us

About us

Three decades ago, Société Maghrébine de Monétique (S2M) lay at the origin of electronic cash in Morocco, then in North Africa. Since then, S2M has constantly shown itself capable of continuous innovation, performance, & hard work, and it has now become a key global player with an international dimension.

Very early on, S2M took up the challenge of conquering foreign markets, starting with Africa, which is currently considered a development hub for the business. S2M is present in more than 35 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

S2M is a global electronic-cash player with an offer that covers the entire electronic-cash chain.


  • Three professions to better serve our clientsOpen or Close

    As a reference global player in the electronic-cash sector, we have structured our professions as:

     S2M Solutions specialising in the development, integration, and maintenance of electronic-payment solutions (on-board applications, Switch, Card management system…) for all sectors of activity (financial institutions, oil companies, commercial brands, telecoms operators…etc)

     S2M Technologies, which offers services for  personnalising a wide range of payment methods (cards or cheques) as well as the provision of electronic-publishing services and of maintenance of electronic-payment terminals, and

      And S2M Transactions, an outsourcing activity covering electronic-payment solutions for hosting, operational, and back-office processing services, etc.

    Which means that S2M's unique and innovative structure involves grouping three specialist areas in a single entity.
    Hence, we can put forward a complete, turnkey offer to our clients, just as we can adapt to their needs and provide them with specific solutions; our offer is also fully scalable.

  • Humans are the only source of wealth Open or Close

    The human dimension has always been at the heart of S2M’s basic concerns. In spite of a panoply of extremely technical professions, engineers, technicians, and consultants are ambassadors for the business.
    Ambassadors who are committed and who listen.

    In addition to the expertise and skills that they bring, their aim is to identify and satisfy the specific expectations and requirements of each client. That leads to a genuine partnership being put in place, one that enables our teams to pro-active with proposals in matters of consultancy, project management and training.

    That human dimension also takes on a participatory aspect.

    Collaborative management, managers who take a share in the company’s capital, setting up a strong, dynamic Human Resources, etc., are all examples that illustrate the value that we give to the wellbeing and involvement of our collaborators.

    To that end, S2M also ensures that their workplace blends fulfilment and performance.

    As an example, the production centre, which is at the heart of a protected and secure industrial area, is provided with modern, cutting-edge facilities that is continuously strengthened, year on year.

  • Performance recognised worldwide Open or Close

    In 1997, S2M was awarded the first Moroccan Trophy for Export, a token of its clients' strong satisfaction at international level.

    It was the start of a long series of distinctions and certificates:

    Recognition in respect of quality, with ISO 9002 Quality certification (in 1999 for the production centre) and ISO 9001 version 2000 Quality certification (in 2007), followed by the 2008 version (in 2009)

    Proof of its international dynamism, with the Grand Prize for Export, Large Businesses category (in 2003)

    Testimony of its indisputable expertise with the following certificates:
    PCI-DSS for S2M Transactions (in 2014),
    CMMI  for Services level 3 (in 2013 for S2M Transactions),
    PA-DSS 1.2 for its SELECT System software package (in 2010),
     and approval from VISA and MasterCard (in 2007).

    S2M has held CMMI Level 4 certification since 2011. That award shows the business to be the leading publisher of electronic-payment solutions, both nationally and internationally. It is worth noting that Level 4 has been reached by fewer than 6% companies that hold CMMI certification around the world.